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We are a manufacturer, service and solution provider.

We supply since 1995  unique Chemicals, Reagents and Chromatography tools and consuamables

We provide

  1. Wide Ranges of Unique Chemicals for Creative Chemists
  2. Wide Range Analytical Columns and Stationary Phase
  3. Prep and Process Chromatography Phases, Systems and Equipments 
  4. Start-up Methods & Application Know How
  5. Workshops, Training Seminars and Process Theories
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The Latest Product Releases

 ACE UltraCore (Ultra-Inert Solid-Core Columns with extended pH Stability)

ACE Excel Super C18 (Ultra-Inert UHPLC and HPLC Columns with extended pH Stability)

ACE Excel C18 Amide (For increased polar retention and alternative selectivity)

ACE Excel CN-ES (Combining CN polar selectivity with enhanced hydrophobicity)

IMTAKT  Intrada Amino Acid (World's first amino acid analysis column for LC-MS )

Kromasil 2.5 HPLC/UHPLC Columns (Introductory Dicounts)

Kromasil 1.8 um UHPLC Columns (Introductory Discounts)

SIELC Coresep 100 (Reversed-phase cation exchange core-shell column)

SIELC Coresep SB (Reversed-phase anion exchange core-shell column)

SIELC Coresep S (HILIC/Ion-exchange core-shell column)


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